Resource-IT operates as an extension of the parent company. We believe that development is more than simply the supply of code. Everything in our company breathes that belief: We work in teams, making sure our employees always have a sparring partner with whom they can have discussions about the best plan of approach and each team has a project manager who forms the link between the team and the client. Ensuring not only to fulfill the clients wishes and expectations, but to exceed those via our solution-based thinking and acting.
Our solutions are devised, designed and managed from our Dutch parent company, with its residence in Amsterdam. We constantly consult with our foreign colleagues and with plenty of attention for the
long-term viability, even before starting the assignment.


Resource-IT aims for long-term client relationships. The added value of our Reliable Sourcing comes fully into its right in longer term projects based on new or renewed construction and maintenance. 
Long-term relationships can only prosper if both parties cooperate in a fully transparent manner. Resource-IT wishes to successfully conclude all its IT projects together with the clients. We believe that beside successful delivery, plenty of attention must also be paid to after-care. How do we deal with changes? How do we deal with bug fixing? How do we share the knowledge amassed with (employees of) our clients? How does documentation take place and how is it shared? All these questions need to be answered before the project starts. 


The success of an IT project often lies not only in a good application but in the effective implementation of the solution within an existing company process. Change management plays a central role in this. Resource-IT aims to give "key employees" a role in definition of the final solution. Their involvement and commitment is often a crucial factor for the success and quality of IT projects. To ensure this, we make it one of our core values to work in teams. This way brainstorm – and discussion sessions can be held, resulting in only the best solution for our clients. 
A daily stand-up meeting (via Skype for Business) and a weekly Sprint meeting ensures that the progress of the projects is guaranteed. The teams consist of at least one senior developer who takes responsibility for the projects, accompanied by one or more colleague programmers, this way they ensure a status overview of the entire project at any given time and a quality check of the overall process of the project. All our employees contribute to the solution. Independence, self-education, commitment and responsibility are keywords for our team!